Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yokota Officers' Club

I recently saw the author, Sarah Bird, perform at a show called "Dick Monologues," which isn't as profane as it sounds. Bird's reading, about her stint as a romance novel writer, was one of the highlights of the show for me - I laughed until I cried. I left the theater wanting both to meet Bird and read one of her books.

Since I figured there was no way I'd get to meet and have a cup of coffee with her, I went to BookPeople the next day to pick up one of her novels. I bought Yokota because it was the only one of hers that I'd heard of. I was hoping for laugh-out-loud funny, like Bird's essay in the monologues, but the book wasn't funny. I was disappointed at first, but I got caught up in the story of the family and its military travels. The book may not have been a comedy, but it was a touching, well-written story of a family struggling to survive.

Next trip to the book store, I'm picking up another of her books.

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