Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yes Man

Danny Wallace's memoir of a British Gen-Xer who has a chance encounter on a bus with a man who tells him to say "yes" more is an amusing little read, once you get past all the Britishisms. At times the slang seems a bit forced. Also, rumor has it that Jim Carrey has optioned the book, which is just dreadful. I'd hate to think of him mugging his way through the story.

Wallace embarks on a year of saying yes to pretty much every question he's asked, including offers in spam e-mails and flyers people hand him on the streets. He buys a car because a guy asks him if he wants to. He goes to Amsterdam because he said yes to one of those Nigerian scam e-mails. He goes on a date with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend because they invite him. THe catch through all of this is that only one other person knows what he's up to. Many of his friends end up rather puzzled by his behavior.

Good things do happen to Wallace - he gets a new job, he meets a girl, he makes new friends, he travels the world. But saying yes to everything seems to be an extreme way to go about it all.

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